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Artist Profiles » Joy Surathep

Joy SurathepReferencing natural life cycles, the paint surfaces of Joy's paintings have been built up over time to evoke the growth of natural moulds, the erosion of wooden piers, shifting of sands and the gradual wearing down of the earth by the sea. The compositions are deliberately ambiguous to generate a subconscious and emotional resonance within the viewer.

These latest paintings have been inspired by Joy’s impressions of her homeland on the south coast of Thailand, however they are not intended to be depictions of particular places.

Joy's intention is that within the deliberate ambiguity of the scenes, the viewer can find the places that they know and have connections with – their own home, their memories and sense of place.

The black vertical elements appearing in the work are symbolic renderings of the mangrove tree. Mangroves appear especially in the under-valued estuary environments – these environments can be even more beautiful than the ocean coasts.

Following the success of Joy’s first solo exhibition ‘Silent Journeys’; Joy's second solo exhibition at Art Of This World in 2009, ‘Passage Through Time’ presented a collection of works dealing with the changeable environment of land and seascapes, an exploration into the beauty of New Zealand’s natural environment.

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