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Artist Profiles » Andrea Mae Miller

Andrea Mae MillerAndrea Mae Miller is a New Zealand artist working predominantly as a Fine Art Printmaker. Born in Whangarei in 1980, she grew up living at the beach on Northland’s beautiful Tutukaka coast.

Andrea obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otago Polytechnic in 2002 and after graduation established her studio “St Peter’s Thumb” in Petone. In 2006 she spent a year living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark, taking time to explore the other side of the world, and to practise being a stranger. Andrea returned to NZ in May 2007, setting up “St Peter’s Thumb” again, this time in Eastbourne, Lower Hutt

“My time overseas has got me thinking about so many things. Living in a culture where you don’t speak the language, and always bump into people on the street (their instinct was to go right, when mine was to keep left), was both isolating and thrilling. It made me think about the compulsion to explore that seems such an integral part of the human experience.

The Vikingskibsmuseet (viking ship museum) in Roskilde, just out of Copenhagen, featured beautiful but relatively small boats with which the viking seagoers crossed huge distances, purportedly as far as America. I recognised points in common with pacific people crossing the ocean in waka, and even the first colonists to New Zealand from Europe. What makes these people trust their lives and future to the unknown?

Some fish and birds feel this migrational pull, sometimes towards their birthplace, sometimes away. Birds seem to school like fish, swooping in flawless unison to places perhaps unknown.

Some explorers, of course, came home again. Banks and Solander, botanists on the Endeavor, returned with collections of the wonders they had seen. Is this also the role of the artist? To travel with a pencil in their pocket, collecting their thoughts?”

Andrea uses a combination of printmaking techniques including drypoint etching, bamboo etching and wood block printing. The mixed media pieces are a mixture of print processes (bamboo etching, woodblock and embossing mostly) which Andrea works over with pencil and/or acrylic paint.

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