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Artist Profiles » Padraig Casey

Padraig Casey Joe Strummer’s words and music were like a breath of fresh air to those of us attempting to make sense of a London that literally had rubbish piling up on the streets, the Notting Hill riots, football violence, strikes and a general sense of discontent. Of course, then we got Thatcher ‘the Milk Snatcher’. The Clash galvanised a disillusioned youth and gave us a voice and a presence.

Songs have always comprised of two elements – music and lyrics/poetry. Painting has usually consisted of purely a visual element. What I endeavour to do is marry the visual element with the poetic element by using the New Zealand poet Brian Flaherty’s words to create “songs on canvas.” His poems have appeared in web journals Turbine, Evasion, Blackmail Press and Trout.

His poems have an ‘edgy’ quality which I particularly like, a quality which I hope is complementary to the visual element on the canvas. Brian’s job enables him to travel the globe, something which is reflected in his work, and provides me with some pretty inspirational stuff.

When I look at a painting, listen to some music, or read a book I don’t need (or want) somebody to analyse it for me – I either like it or I don’t. As a result I haven’t included any deep and meaningful explanations for my paintings. You’ll either like them or you won’t – I hope it’s the latter.

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