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Artist Profiles » Irini Day

Irini DayIrini Day took up painting seriously after a long secretarial career, marriage and three children. When her youngest began school, Irini began attending local art classes. She soon started teaching herself, exploring and adopting a style which was distinctively “naïve” – sometimes called “non-academic art”. This style relates to folk art and is unsophisticated and childlike. Most naïve artists use vivid colours and lots of detail.

The naïve movement was founded by Henry Rousseau and is very popular overseas where often galleries are devoted exclusively to the style.

“For me it is very fulfilling to paint a cheerful little scene. I love to bounce the colours off each other, and to “dress up’ the figures. I feel no need to have an underlying message in my work. It’s all about creating a bright busy scene, arranging the figures in a way that pleases me, and that I hope gives some delight to others as well.

When out walking or driving, I enjoy everyday suburban scenery and the changing colours of the seasons. I love to observe activity – people walking their dogs, joggers, children playing etc. Also I look out for a quaint house – usually a bungalow or villa with a pretty picket fence. I do a lot of sketches, often take some photos and make notes of any surrounding details..

When I get home, I make a careful drawing, arranging where everything is to go. Each painting is built up very carefully, layer by layer, and the detailed work takes hours and hours using fine sable brushes. I am a total perfectionist and the paintings take approximately 2 weeks to complete. There are no short cuts. I invest only in top-quality, New Zealand-made canvases and top-of-the-range paints, as I feel that handcrafted “treasures” such as these should stand the test of time. Once each painting is completed, I give it two coats of satin varnish to protect the surface and to give it a special lustre.”.

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