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Art Of This World TeamWe at Art Of This World are a busy lot. Besides putting an immense amount of time and effort into running the gallery and promoting our wide ranging stable of artists we also juggle motherhood, study, our families, our social lives and our own art practices.
The Great Art Project is a selection of works from all of the team at Art Of This World, work that we want to share with you! This years project is a celebration of six years trading.
Although the end result (our work) differs quite dramatically there are some strong similarities inherent to our practices and our attitudes towards our artwork. First and foremost all of us place huge emphasis on the act of making an artwork. Whether it is expressionistically “sloshing” paint around or sitting sewing layers of fabric, we all get bucket loads of pleasure from the act of creation.

Experimentation also comes in to play here for us all. Playing around with our chosen materials with little or no expectation of what the end result may be, means the options are endless.

The other perhaps more obvious tie between all of our work is COLOUR! Whether subtle or bold colour is a very important part of all of our works. We love colourful beautiful things and use colour for different reasons: emotive, decorative, sublime, nostalgic.

Above all our shared passion for wonderful, original New Zealand art and craft is so important and is the force behind The Great Art Project.


Angela Lush Randle
Relevant Training/Experience: Graduated Apparel Design, AUT 1985. Worked 14 years in rag trade, design, CAD, product development, buying, merchandising, forecasting etc. Participated in many craft and applied art short courses. Five years as Director of Art Of This World. Won two major awards in the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards. (WOW)
What do you enjoy about this particular method of working? The things that excite me are colour, texture and pattern. I like playing with different materials, but my first and foremost love is for Fabric.
What do you want to communicate with your work? I want it to touch part of the viewer, remind them of something, someplace, someone. I hope the viewer is prompted to explore new ideas, or think of something that they hadn’t thought of before. That the work is pretty and there’s element of fun inherent in the making of the work. It’s not too cerebral, some may say frivolous. A little bit about the gulf that I think exists between Fine Art and Craft, Design and Applied Arts in this country
What do you think is unique or special about your work? It’s mine. My work is to some extent experimental. It’s about colour, pattern and texture. Colour (stimulates me > feeling) Pattern (gives rhythm) Texture (is tactile, I want people to imagine how it feels!) Some pieces are actually useful tho' not groundbreaking, just for fun!

Sally Lush
Relevant Training/Experience: I’m a relative latecomer to artistic expression. I have a degree in Chemistry, which perhaps helps with the understanding of paint and its application. I have been painting for three years now and use acrylics. I have attended courses run by James Lawrence and Graham Fletcher to gain technical skills. I have exhibited at Art Of This World, Mairangi Arts Centre, Easter Show, Hilton Art Show and The Depot. Five Years as Director Art Of This World.
What do you enjoy about this particular method of working? I paint outdoors because my process is all rather messy and the only other place I have to paint is on our beautiful oak dining table inherited from my grandmother – I don’t think she would be too pleased about me getting paint all over it. So I love beautiful warm days out in the sun, sloshing paint around. I love the feeling of peace I have when I am painting – all cares and worries vanish.
What do you want to communicate with your work? This series Tea Party,is a celebration of a Tea Party with all its delicate pink and mauve tea cups and china.
On my birthday this year I really wanted to play ladies and have a romantic Tea Party but as it was midweek every one was working! So I painted my ideal of a Tea Party, all pink and mauve and lace and doilies and pretty bone china.

The Tea party symbolises the need for our society to return to old fashioned beliefs, values and morals if we are to survive. I’ve had so much fun painting this series of work, it’s a change from the black and red I had been concentrating on. I paint outside as my process is rather messy with paint being splattered, blobbed and running everywhere in a random but controlled technique.
What do you think is unique or special about your work? I hope that some of the feelings of peace and fulfillment I experience when I’m painting are passed onto the viewer and that they come away feeling that their world is more beautiful and inspiring.

Hayley Pimblott
Relevant Training/Experience; I have painted since I was two years old. I studied art all through school, including after school art classes and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland in 2003.
Have participated in several exhibitions, had my first at age eight. The most recent exhibitions have been 'Reflections' Spiral Gallery, Auckland City, 'Art Aotearea' Spiral Gallery and 'Art at Trentham' Hutt International Boys School, Wellington.

What do you enjoy about this particular method of working?
Painting has always been a passion of mine a natural instinct, something I started when I was first capable of picking up a paint brush and have continued with ever since.
What do you want to communicate with your work? Life is so busy and fast these days we often tend to miss simple moments, by not being able to stop and take in the beauty that is around us. I want to capture these brief moments. Something as simple as a bird flying over water that when reflected becomes altered and obscured creating something beautiful. We tend to look at what’s real and presented to us, not what lies underneath. My work focuses on these illusions, what is left behind, impressions, markings and reflections.

What do you think is unique or special about your work? I would like the viewer to be drawn into the painting, for their mind to clear from the stress of modern life, to focus on something peaceful, serene a form of escapism.

Alison Williams
Relevant Training & Experience: Being the daughter of an Artist/Sculptor I was brought up in a very creative environment. I have always done some sort of art, craft and design and I have a diploma in Interior Design from the Regent Academy of Fine Art in London. In recent years I have felt a strong pull back to painting – which is the media I have chosen to work in.
Exhibitions: Small Packages – Papakura Art Gallery 2004, Mother’s Nature – Papakura Art Gallery 2005
Awards: Works Selected for Oxfam Christmas Cards, 2005
Media you like working in: Acrylic
Special Techniques you use: I like to experiment with texture and colour and often build up many layers to achieve a piece I’m happy with.
What do you enjoy about this particular method of working? I like the unpredictable nature of the paint and having the freedom to let a piece of work develop without having rigid ideas.
What are you wanting to communicate with your work? In recent times I have felt a strong desire to express my Christian faith through my work. My faith is a big part of my life and I find inspiration for my art in what lays on my heart – often finding myself ‘stuck’ on a particular theme for quite some time. I hope people will find my work inspirational and thought provoking.
What do you think is unique or special about your work? I actually feel compelled to put brush to canvas and it is something I have to do to feel fulfilled and complete. I get incredibly frustrated when I am unable to work.
Any thing else you would like to add The work for this exhibition evolved from the theme “From Darkness into Light”, looking at ways to portray that through Truth it is possible to move from a place of darkness to a place of light

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