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Artist Profiles » Steven Sacatos

Steven SacatosI've seen Auckland painted so many times, but never the way that I wanted to see it done. Having experienced the place - that is having walked, cycled and driven through it - I wanted to somehow put across its physical aspect - that wild mix of Edwardian Villas, sub-tropical fauna and volcanoes. The skew-whiff perspective is partly meant to reference to the 'shaky isle' nature of our country, but also as a device to take the viewer through the picture, to make the eye clamber over and wander through its roads and hills, just as you would have to if you were in the picture itself.

Also, I wanted to portray Auckland as being alive, with somewhat raucous shapes and colours; a sort of a controlled explosion of life, the on-going struggle between man and nature.

The method I've used is as old as the hills; Dark to Light, Wet on Dry. It's the classic egg tempera method, and I've used Acrylic paints for most of these pictures because they mimic egg tempera's qualities: They're opaque and quick-drying.

I have started doing some exploration with oil and will see how that develops.

I always paint the old houses, suburbs, simply because they're more picturesque than the modern, which is also why I always paint old cars; you cannot paint a Subaru, really.

I did Art at school, I've read a lot of books, and I consider myself a self-taught painter.

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