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Artist Profiles » Renate Verbrugge

Renate VerbruggeRenate Verbrugge was born in Belgium and moved to New Plymouth in 1995 where she was introduced to stone sculpture by Filipe Tohi in 1999.

I am a stone sculptor, working mainly in hard stone, from marble to granite, andesite and quartzite. My method of working is what we call “taille direct” in French. There are two very different lines in my work. Most of my studio work is “table top” size and represents female nudes. My outdoor, monumental work is always abstract, a game of light and shadows on large simple forms.

I love the challenge of hard stone, the physical side of sculpting such a hard medium. The noisy, dusty process of stone sculpture makes it a very solitary experience.

There is no real message in my work. My sculptures speak for themselves and have as only purpose to be enjoyed by the public, with their hands, their eyes and their hearts.

The word that comes back very often in interviews or critiques of my work is “sensuality” . My female nudes are round and bold, with real womanly curves. My monumental works, even though they are abstract, also carry that sensuality, through curves, boldness and freehand lines.

My sculptures speak for themselves. No words or intellectual analysis will speak louder than the emotions my sculptures provoke in anybody who explores them with their eyes, their hands and their heart.

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