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Gallery » Figurative Paintings » Tanya Paton » Abstract and Figurative Paintings

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Paton, The Pass In-store price $1,898.00 NZD
500mm x 800mm / Mixed Media on canvas

Paton, The Pass - click to enlarge

Paton, Passage In-store price $1,898.00 NZD
650mm x 900mm / Mixed Media on canvas

Paton, Passage - click to enlarge

Paton, Her Pink Lotus In-store price $1,298.00 NZD
610mm x 280mm / Acrylic on canvas

Paton, Her Pink Lotus - click to enlarge

Paton, Girl with the Koi Tattoo In-store price $2,498.00 NZD
900mm x 900mm / Acrylic on canvas

Paton, Girl with the Koi Tattoo - click to enlarge

Paton, The Feather In-store price $798.00 NZD
885mm x 340mm / Acrylic on canvas

Paton, The Feather - click to enlarge

Paton, Mood Indigo In-store price $998.00 NZD
950mm x 430mm / Acrylic on canvas

Paton, Mood Indigo - click to enlarge

Paton, Sky & Mountains In-store price $798.00 NZD
905mm x 330mm / Acrylic on canvas

Paton, Sky & Mountains - click to enlarge

Paton, Blue Sky Above In-store price $798.00 NZD
885mm x 345mm / Acrylic on canvas

Paton, Blue Sky Above - click to enlarge

Paton, A Prayer In-store price $1,498.00 NZD
400mm x 1500mm / Acrylic on Canvas

Paton, A Prayer - click to enlarge

Harbour 2 In-store price $849.00 NZD
785mm x 610mm / Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canva

Harbour 2 - click to enlarge

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